SFU Faculty of Applied Sciences


User Research, Persona Development, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Project Management


Adobe Experience Manager


I have led a UX team to conduct user research in an effort to come up with a website design and a content strategy that would improve recruitment efforts for highly qualified students to the Faculty.

User research data was well received by the SFU advisory council, which led to an approval of budget for website redesign project for all three departments under the faculty.  Key content strategies were developed from user research data, which led to a successful recruitment in year 2015.

Tools Used

Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Axure, Balsamiq, Coda, OmniGraffle, Basecamp, Google Docs, Camcorder, Voice recorder, SFU goodies to hand out to focus group participants, Survey apps

Applied UX Methodologies

User research (Focus groups, surveys, interviews),  Sitemap, Taxonomies, Card sorting, Stakeholder interviews, Sketches, Wireframes, Prototypes