Kinder Bueno Bar


Prototyping, Userflow, Wireframes, Project Management




Project Summary

I was in charge of creating the userflow to catch all user scenarios throughout the quiz and the sweepstakes giveaway, as well as creating wireframes and an interactive prototype. The site was mobile-first, and responsive.

Kinder Bueno launched a sweepstakes in an effort to connect with its target consumer: the fun-loving, Millenials who seek new experiences and adventures. The core role of the website is to facilitate entry to the sweepstakes, communicate the prizes on offer, and inspire the target consumer to have new experiences through social feeds.

The end result was a fun, Buzzfeed style quiz which drew successful engagement and generated entries to the sweepstakes.

Tools Used

Axure RP, OmniGraffle, Jira, Google Docs

Applied UX Methodologies

Stakeholder interviews, Userflow, Wireframes, Prototyping